Our Approach

Our Approach

Four Square Roof Cleaning prides itself on understanding that the use of high pressure water and strong toxic chemicals can damage your roof and the vegetation around it. Our products do not contain any type of bleach or chlorine and are 100% biodegradable. They’re safe around children, pets, plants, and your lawn. We use a 3 step cleaning process. First, we kill the algae (gloeocapsa magma) with an eco-friendly detergent-based soap.  Next, we clean your roof using a very low water pressure rinsing tool designed for even cleaning for asphalt shingles. Then, we apply a protective coating to keep the stains from coming back and to give your roof a “like-new” appearance for years to come. We are a family-owned and operated business.

We will work hard to earn your business with quality eco-friendly products and efficient work. Thanks for choosing Four Square Roof Cleaning.

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Our Story

My Story

In 2008 I started seeing black streaks on my roof and didn't know what was causing it. I called 2 places in town that did roof cleaning and both used chlorine to clean the roof. Not wanting toxic chemicals to be used I set out to find a solution that could safely clean my roof. After a lot of trial and errors I found a product that really worked great and most importantly  it was safe around my landscaping and my family. I then cleaned my mom's roof, then my sister's, and so on. With a quality product and the know how I started my own roof cleaning business in 2010.

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