Frequently Asked Questions   

1. What are those black streaks on my roof?

It is a living algae called “gloeocapsa magma.” It normally starts to appear on the north face of a building. It is more prevalent around trees and in a more humid climate.

2. Will the cleaning process hurt my plants?

No, we use 100% eco-friendly products that are safe around children, pets, plants, and landscaping, etc. We are one of the few companies that don’t have to water down your vegetation or cover up your bushes in order to clean your roof. Our products are 100% safe for you and environment. No reason to go toxic. We clean green.

3. Are you insured?

Yes, please contact us for our declaration page.

4. Can algae on my roof do damage?

Yes, the algae is eating the limestone in the shingle. The limestone in the shingle is used for weight to keep the shingle down in high winds. The black algae is also causing early granule loss on your roof. The granules on your roof help reflect UV rays from the sun.

5. Will cleaning my roof lower my cooling cost?

Yes, lighter color roofs will attract less heat, as much as 30 degrees compared to a black roof.

6. Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we have a 2 year warranty on any complete roof cleaning. If the stains come back, so do we.

7. Do you use high pressure water to wash the roof?

No, we use about 50 pounds per square inch, which is equivalent to a very heavy down pour of rain.

8. Do you use the customer’s water?

Yes, we do. But, if you are on a well or just don’t want us to use it, please let us know at the time of the estimate.

9. Will my roof be clean right after the treatment?

Yes, when we leave your house, your roof will look great! Some companies rely on the rain to rinse off the remaining toxic chemicals from your roof. That process can take weeks, even months, for the black streaks to completely go away.

10. Do you work all year round?

No, our season runs from May through October.

11. How much does this cost?

For a complete roof cleaning, which includes a gutter cleaning, tacking down any loose shingles, caulking around vents & exhaust pipes, and cleaning every shingle, and a 2 year warranty, the cost is $30.00 per roofing square (10x10).

12. What are the payment terms?

We request payment made in full upon completion of work. We accept cash, good checks, Visa, and Master Card.

13. Do you do partial cleaning on just the bad areas?

Yes, please contact us for a free estimate.

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