Low Pressure Verse Soft Wash

If you have been looking into getting your roof professionally cleaned you might see companies advertising low pressure washing. What this means is that they use a low pressure rinsing tool to rinse off the detergent based soap off your roof. These companies are using green products that drain directly into your yard, down spots, or pond. Low pressure rinsing became popular because so many companies in the industry were using high pressure to remove roof stains and the low pressure rinsing is a lot safer and will not damage your shingles.

Soft wash companies use bleach masked with a perfume additive that is sprayed directly onto your roof and the run off from there toxic chemicals is caught in buckets or plastic trash bags. Soft wash companies do not rinse off the chemicals they rely on the rain. There toxic chemicals will remain on your roof until mother nature decides to rinse it off. When the rain comes to rinse off the chemical there are no buckets or trash bags. The toxic water from your roof turns into ground water.

In the last 2 roof cleaning seasons we have had 2 “soft wash” companies start in my area. From what I learned they claimed to be a green roof cleaning company. We do not use any type of bleach or chlorine and use only products that are safe for me and you. Doing research on my new soft wash competition I came a cross a guy by the name of AC Lockyer. I found out that he sells a DVD for $900 to teach people how to start a roof cleaning business, and join the “soft wash revolution” as Mr. Lockyer states. Finding this pretty hilarious I watched a video of his “soft wash system” on YouTube. A snake oil salesman was my first impression, but I continued watching and then he mentioned something about a bleach tank on one of his trucks? Why would a green cleaning company have a bleach tank? I checked out his website and my snake oil salesman perception was right on point. His bleached based roof cleaning chemical is named Green Wash! Not only is this toxic chemical called Green Wash they brag about their different masking agents to hind the smell of the bleach!  I was also shocked that they also sell a plant wash chemical the website states to: neutralize the caustic cleaners. Really?

Soft Wash companies all buy their bleached based chemicals and over priced equipment from AC Lockyer and his company Soft Wash Systems. I believe they are deceiving people with the name of there products, and under cut prices of real eco-friendly roof cleaning companies with deception. Mr. Lockyer gives roof cleaning a bad name, and is teaching his shady and deceptive business practices to other people $900 at a time.  I personally am not worried about the 2 new soft wash companies in town, because one day they will deceive the wrong person with there Green Roof Wash, and it will be the end of the soft wash revolution and con man AC Lockyer.